How can Facebook earn money?

Successful first giveaway

Successful first giveaway, after only a month of work.

It’s nearly impossible to figure out exactly how much money a Facebook might earn your business.


Because when people come in, they don’t tell you that they saw you on Facebook. And if you ask them where they might have heard about you, they’re more likely going to say anything else (Like, “We’ve been here before!” or “We live nearby” or “A friend told us about you”). Does this mean a Facebook doesn’t earn you money?

Dead wrong.

People don’t just search “Hibachi Steakhouse in Norwood, MA”, like the page, and never look at it again. Instead, a friend might tell this person about this awesome restaurant. This person isn’t going to jump up and down and break the speed limit to get there the second it’s recommended to them by a friend. The response will most likely be “Oh really? Sound good. I’ll have to try it some time.” and it falls in the back of their mind.

Facebook works different than how it gives the impression.

Most Facebook users like a page that’s been liked by a friend, or like it after Googling it. This means, they already know it exists. Once they view that page, the first impression it gives them determines if they like it (And if they do “like” it, wether or not they instantly block it). People do this because they want to look in to what they might spend money on (It’s essentially research). They want to look into you, your business, and see if other people are complaining a lot or if they can get free things.

A good impression, using the right words and interesting pictures can earn this person’s business.

But there’s more to it than that. Just by having a static page, you can have a Facebook that leaves a good impression. But there are three more ways to generate money with Facebook.

1. Search Engine Optimization
SEO for short. Something optimized for search engines is going to show up higher on the list on Google. For the Hibachi Steakhouse in Norwood, they rank very high on Google. When people are looking to try a place for the first time they’re most likely going to do some digging on Google, so controlling what they see is a great way to generate first-time customers.

2. Building Awareness for your Business
If you don’t have a strong online presense for your business, this will take some time. Views and subscriptions take time to build and they build exponentially (The more you have, the more you’ll get). By creating a Facebook and utelizing SEO well you’ll slowly begin to spread the word about your business, and generate buzz. If your service and product is quality, people will like the page like crazy. Other content falls in this category that leads to direct sales, like letting people know about upcoming sales/promotions and events.

3. Engage your Customers
Undoutably the most sales come from engaging your customers. Once you establish “likes” and “views” on your page it’s very easy to blow up these numbers by engaging your customers. An engaged customer is one that feels like they’re important, either because you’ve talked directly to them on Facebook or because they won something in a Giveaway or maybe they’re even in some photos. There are tons of different ways to engage your customers and when you do, you’ve cultivated a customer who’s incredibly loyal and will actively try to sell your products to their friends and they’ll be more likely to be a repeat customer themselves.

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