Dropbox: Free and convenient filesharing

27 Jul

Dropbox is by far the most convenient filesharing service I have ever used. It acts like a regular folder, and anything that you put in it gets automatically uploaded to dropbox. Once you’ve got your stuff uploaded you can choose to share specific folders or objects with whomever you choose. Dropbox allows you to store up to 2GB free and has methods to expand that to 8GB free.


I have dropbox. I have two folders in my dropbox folder, one for sharing and one for myself. The one I use for sharing splits into other folders that I share with specific people only, and I do this to collaborate on projects and things I write. It allows the files to be easily shared because unlike a normal filesharing service where you’d have to go on their website, click upload, and wait half a century, dropbox does this all automatically right out of a folder on your desktop so they get the files instantly and with no work from me.


Probably the best feature about dropbox is the synchronization of the entire folder between your own devices. I have my laptop and my desktop both linked to my dropbox account which gives them both 100% synchronized access to the dropbox folder. Like I said earlier I have two folders in my dropbox folder, one for sharing and one for not. The one that isn’t shared houses some personal information in case I need it, or holds presentations when I need to give them (or homework if I had any) and all kinds of stuff like that. I love this feature, and I use dropbox like a free backup for important files.


I have no affiliation with Dropbox. I’ve never given them a cent and I currently don’t plan to. I love their service and think people should at least give them a once over. I tried Google’s filesharing service and many others, and the convenience of Dropbox was enough to win me over for life. The large free space is nice too. If you check it out at and decide to sign up, please use my referral link at which allows us both to get a free 250mb increase in our free allowable space for the dropbox folder. I don’t get money from it. We both get additional free space, and I’d love to be able to store more stuff on this for free.

Any questions about Dropbox? Email me at; I swear by them and I’ll answer any questions.

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