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Kyle Dyke

I'm on the left. I thought the best picture that would describe me would be from Halloween.

My name is Kyle D. and I build Facebooks for business’

It’s tough to build a successful online presense for a business. The big franchises have a huge budget for these things, but what about you?

Wether you like it or not, Facebook, Google and others will automatically build a page for you. People will see it, comment on it, and so on. But, what if the information on the page is incorrect? What if the comments are bad? Sadly, many smaller businesses don’t understand that a well organized and run Facebook can actually generate sales.

I build quality Facebooks for business’. I know what I’m doing, but I still test every post and word on a page to maximize the results. I’m easy to work with; I do all of my work online and use short-emails to communicate (And I can also webchat, but emails are easy for everyone!). My services are all flat rates so you don’t have to count hours, and I constantly communicate what’s going on so you know exactly what I’m doing. More importantly, I honestly want you to earn more money with Facebook.

Here’s how it works:

1. I build a facebook page. I use images and words that will optimize well with search engines, so you’re more likely to show up when people google you. The page itself will be high quality, striving to create sales by enticing people who read the info or see the images to want more. Optionally, I can create profiles on other sites like Google+, WordPress and Twitter in order to multiply these results. This is a great revenue generator because Google will put your business high on the search results, and then your customers will get a great first impression when they see these profiles (Or your site).

2. I build awareness of your business. When people start “liking” a page it becomes contageous – As time moves on, you become exponentially more popular. You can compound results by building awareness for any upcoming events or sales by posting them on the Facebook (Which, when done regularly, is a great motivator to get people to subscribe to the page)

3. I engage your customers. Once you have enough people looking at the page, or “in reach” of the page, it’s easy to start getting people active on both the Facebook and with your business. This is without a doubt the most important step, and more important than actually building a page. You can engage customers by commenting on their posts, using Giveaways, hosting polls, and with other tools. A customer that is engaged can quickly become a life-time, loyal customer for you who’s just as eager to recommend your products or services to their friends as you are about selling them

4. I can dominate the search engines. Optionally, I can use other social networking tools to completely dominate search engines and give a different way for people to subscribe (People who subscribe to pages on WordPress might not do it on Facebook. This helps generate buzz). Where possible, I can automate these additional pages so they’re all constantly updating with whatever you post.

5. I fully train you to maintain the page indefinetly. I could charge a monthly fee (And it is an option if you don’t want to do it yourself or hire someone to) but by default I’ll actually train you! For two weeks, at your schedule, I’ll train you using email and/or webcam sessions to show you how to do what I do and highlighting good and bad practices at the same time. You’ll also receive an easy to read .pdf that you can use as a reference.

Click here to see how Facebook can earn you money.
Visit my contact page here if you have questions or want a quote!


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